Celebrate Festivals With Special Days Feature On Samsung Z2

Samsung Z2 has some unique features that we don’t see them on other devices. With the launch of Z2 Samsung had created special features for it which users likes in first place. As we know Ultra Power Saving Mode, Ultra Data Saving Mode and S Bike mode features are added onto the Z2 for better performance. Like this Samsung also added new features into it for extra flavor of new OS. In that everybody will know about My Money Transfer Banking app which helps customers to make transactions in offline mode. But no one knows that one new special feature also added onto Samsung Z2, that feature is Special Days, exclusively added into this smartphone.

The Special Days feature is very simple to use. The main aim of Special Days is to remind users about upcoming festivals. In the busy schedule we always forgets our important festivals, and here this function comes. It not only alert you about upcoming festival but also gives you whole information about that festival. I think this is the great idea to know more about our festival. Why only information, also know what is special menu on that day and what should you wear for special occasion.

Special Days

To activate this feature on Samsung Z2 go to Settings and tap on Special Days. Here, you will see total 54 main festivals from all over the world which importants for every community. You can choose your favorite festival by selecting them one by one. After that reminder will set on your home screen with remaining days. Once Festival day comes it will gives you whole information about it.

If you are busy person and don’t remember any function dates due to heavy schedule then you must use Special Days Feature. If you found this article helpful then please share it with your other friends who bought new Samsung Z2 smartphone.