Download Sharing App Xender On Samsung Z2, Z3 And Z1

The file transfer and sharing app Xender is now available in Tizen Store. You can now install Xender app on all Tizen smartphones. Since last few months many Tizen users has been demanding for this content sharing app, and finally developers listened to them. Xender is a famous file sharing app, it has more than 100 million active users worldwide. It already gets it feet on Android, iOS and Windows smartphones and now it landed on Tizen. Users doesn’t need internet connection to share their files or other personal stuff, it uses your Wi-Fi network to send files to other users. Xender will support cross platform to share any files, like you can transfer your personal stuffs to Android or Windows smartphones or vice versa.

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Share any types of files, movies, music, documents or other stuffs in a speedy way. It has amazing speed to transfer your content to other devices. It also supports group sharing feature where you can share files to 4 devices at a same time. It also works with iOS, Windows phones, Mac and PC devices in cross platform support. It shares files 200 times faster than Bluetooth functions, that means that large files will transfers in few seconds.

Xender app on Tizen

On other platforms you can also share apps, but due to limitations of Tizen you can’t use shared apps on the device. Still if you need shared apps to store on your device then you can accept or transfer apps. For the better understanding it gives option to use it in your native language. Till now it supports English, Hindi, Chinese, Arabic, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Korean, French and Spanish languages.

The Xender app is now available in Tizen Store and as I said you have to download ACL for Tizen app on your device. It supports Samsung Z2, Samsung Z3 and Samsung Z1 smartphones. It is only 5MB in size and doesn’t asks for any other requirements. The Xender is one of the best sharing app in market and more than 100 million users uses it on their devices. You must download this app on your smartphone to share your files.

The Native Xender app has now launched in Tizen Store. Official developers released it, and there is no need to use ACL for Tizen. It will now independently works without ACL for Tizen. If you face any problem while installing it then contact app developers or contact us via comments box below. This app is native app & it doesn’t need ACL for Tizen tool to work. You don’t have to worry it works fine on all devices.