How to Detect Blood Oxygen Level on Honor Band 5 & Band 5i

Very few smartwatches in the market can measure the blood oxygen level in your body. The Apple Watch Series 1 device had this function back in 2015 and since then, Apple users are waiting for it. Recently, Fitbit has activated this function on its Ionic, Versa family, and Charge 3 wearables. Fitbit also had this function since the Ionic model in 2017 but it also had to keep users waiting for long. The service is now essential on all fitness-centric smartwatches and fitness trackers, that’s a reason new watches or upcoming watches & fitness bands coming with Blood Oxygen Saturation measurement.

The Honor kept this function on its Honor Band 4 and the partnered company’s Huawei Band 4 & Band 4 Pro. Now the new Honor Band 5 & Band 5i carries this function all along since launching. It is important to check your blood oxygen level on time because low blood oxygen means poor sleep, dizziness, fatigue and other problems. It is helpful to track sleep apnea, which is a major issue in many people. If you want to know how to detect Blood Oxygen Level on Honor Band 5 & band 5i then here is the step by step guide.

Detect Blood Oxygen Level on Honor Band 5

Honor Band 5i Tips1. First, wear Honor Band 5 or 5i tightly

2. Now light up the main screen

3. After that, slide the main band screen

4. Here you will see Blood Oxygen Detection or SpO2

5. On the main screen, tap & hold for Home key

6. Hold for one minute, which is the minimum requirement

7. Finally, after 1 minute you will see the results

If you wear a fitness band incorrectly, then it will not measure the blood and remind you to wear it correctly. Blood oxygen value checks every 3 seconds and at the same time, every second, it measures heart rate so don’t remove band until one minute. Now you know how to measure blood oxygen saturation by Honor Band 5 or Band 5i trackers. In the next article, we will guide you about other functions, so stay tuned with us.