New Chart Burner Manager On Tizen For Making Charts

The new Chart Burner Manager is the new app in store to make useful and professional charts. It gives you all the freedom to create your own charts so you could present them to your boss or to the customer who needs it. Why just professionals, students are also beneficial with the Chart Burner Manager, in the math project or any other project they can take help to make professional presentations. This is the new app so it comes with basic features which needs to create simple charts. Just give input data and select different kinds of chart to make your own, also you can store your created charts to use them later.

In this application you can create 3 kinds of charts, Pie Chart, Line Chart and Bar Chart. The first Pie Chart is useful to create circular chart. If you need to show your data in circle size then take help of this chart. In the line chart make simple line charts and finally in the bar charts make 3D effective charts to make them more user friendly. All three charts has many options to choose, first Line has custom bullet and line color options, second Bar Chart has 3D bar, cylinder bar and simple bar options and final Pie chart has Donut or simple pie chart options.


Gear Manager App Now Supports On Samsung Z3

For the better understanding of users, developers made helpful description below every charts, if you are confused then you can take help of these tips. The Chart Burner Manager app is now available to download in Tizen Store. It supports on Samsung Z3 and Z1 with new Tizen version. For the creation of different charts you must download this app which is free in store.