New Table Tennis 3D Game Now In Store

Stay focused gamers, one new game has arrived in Tizen Store to challenge you. The new game Table Tennis 3D is launched for Tizen smartphones which can challenge you to play virtual table tennis on your phone. You have to be very focused to play it because it has dynamic speed and extra ordinary skills to defeat you. These kinds of games are very hard to play on smartphones, these genres specially made for console devices so player could play it better in virtual world.

The developers of Table Tennis 3D makes it unique piece on Tizen, it will be counted on those few games in Tizen Store which has crystal clear graphics and best quality visual effects. You will notice all its graphics and special effects in gameplay when you start head to head with your competitors.

Let’s talk about gameplay, it looks simple but very challenging to take control. If you know the basic rules of table tennis then it could be easy for you to understand, otherwise don’t worry you will get all the information inside gaming. If you know rules then apply same rules in this game to win levels and rewards. Well, I am not good in this type of genres, I never played any table tennis games on other platforms. This time I like to try this one due to its beautiful graphics and visual effects which looks very catchy to play it once.

Table Tennis 3D Tizen

There are three different modes to play Beginner, Intermediate and expert. Start with the Beginner in easy levels and then step by step become an Expert. Also play in two modes, career and head to head. Play with your real friends with the help of online account or play with computer. It is always easy to compete to your friend than the computer, you can decide with whom you want to play.

It also has Upgrade option to unlock all needy hands,  you don’t need to purchase any IAP, if you still want then spend some money in gameplay. Read more about this game from the description below.

Play virtual table tennis 3D. A great ping pong game that will make you feel beyond real! If you like to play pingpong or table tennis, this game is a great racket challenge for you. Improve your handles, enjoy your free time and have a sensational feeling of playing table tennis 3D.

The Table Tennis 3D is now available to download in Tizen Store. You can play it on Samsung Z3 and Samsung Z1 smartphones, I am not sure whether it is supported on new Samsung Z2 or not, you better check it if you bought it. Don’t forget to share this new game with your other friends.