New Update Comes To My Jio, My Galaxy And Here Maps

New update has come to three new apps into the store. Those three apps are My Jio, My Galaxy and Here Maps. All the apps are very important for Tizen smartphones and these are daily use apps for every users. My Jio app is not that much important to use every day, users uses it daily to check their remaining balance and data pack as well as to see whether new offers have come to their number. Other two are important apps, the first one My Galaxy is helpful to check new offers from Samsung. It gives discounts on many products from the store as well as for third party stores.

The last to get update is Here Maps, the only trusted map app into the store. It will give you accurate navigation in the unknown area. It is now comes with more details and easy to use features. To update Here Maps go to My App section into Tizen Store and install latest version.

New App Updates

The My Jio app is already available to download in Tizen Store. You can use My Jio app to activate free offer as well as to manage your other Jio apps. Unfortunately, Tizen don’t have every Jio apps, only 5 Jio apps are available till to date. The other platforms iOS & Android has total 11 Jio apps in their stores. But other apps are not so important at the moment so users can wait for them by using other alternative apps.

My Galaxy app many times offers discounts on popular apps and games which we hadn’t seen in Store. You can sign in to them with your Samsung ID and after that eligible to get all their offers. Sometimes they offers you premium games and apps as a free or at some priced discount. It has storage of many popular apps and games which we need in our everyday tasks.

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