New Video Audio Converter App Landed In Tizen Store

The new Video Audio Converter app is now launched in Tizen Store. It is must have apps for those users who want to convert their videos into audio formats. Sometimes we like videos when we are watching them on TV or online, like an our favorite video songs. We want that video so badly to listen it every time when we have mood about it. But it is impossible to watch or hear that video songs every time, such as on the road when we are roaming outside. To solve these problem the new Video Audio Converter tool will let you transfer your favorite videos in audio format.

It is better tool when you don’t have options to get audio files of your favorite video tracks, that time you can convert those videos using this tool. In the Video Audio Converter tool you have many options to convert your files. It is not but an one stop solution for your all video files, doesn’t matter in which format your video files has, it will always convert them without losing audio quality.

The Video Audio Converter supports MP4, MKV, 3GP and AVI video files to convert. And in the audio files it supports M4A, AMR, OGG and ACC file formats. Choose which type of video you have and select it, then choose in which audio format you want your file and select it.

Video Audio Converter

To convert video files you just have to go through 3 simple steps and you will get your audio. Those simple steps are below.

1. Launch Video Audio Converter App.

2. Select Video to Audio Converter tool from inside the app.

3. Tap on any video files from the file list to convert it to the audio.

That’s it. After that the new audio will be generate and you can hear it as an audio file from the audio music section on your smartphone.

The app is very simple to use and don’t have that much of complexity, so user can simply understand it. If you have video files to convert then download Video Audio Converter App on your any Tizen smartphone and save them as audios. The app developers says that in the next new update they will bring audio trimmer option in the app, where users can trim/cut their audio files. To get new feature we have to wait till next update. Till that time install it to use current feature on your smartphone.

Update: The Video to Audio Converter app is now support Audio Trimmer feature. They updated this feature in their latest update and now every users can use it. To get new update go to the Tizen Store and install new update.