Now Buy Gear S3 Classic LTE From Verizon For $349

Samsung Gear S3 Classic LTE is now available from Verizon telecom operator in US. The price for the smartwatch is $349 and comes with Verizon’s value added services. Samsung released Gear S3 Classic LTE digital watch back in November. Gear S3 Classic was originally launched in only WiFi model, later Samsung introduced it with LTE version. Gear S3 Frontier was the only option for 4G LTE services but now both models carry fastest Internet connectivity.

This smartwatch is available from other telecom operators AT&T and T-Mobile since the first day. Now it comes to Verizon with all the benefits from the operator. It will get all value added services such as NumberShare which is compatible with the digital watch. Customers can buy Gear S3 Classic LTE at $349 from Verizon with the two year contract or they can purchase it for $399 in a retailer price.

Gear S3 Classic LTE

As a reminder, it is powered by Samsung’s own Exynos chipset which locked at 1GHz and to boost its speed there is 786MB RAM. To store personal data, smartwatch apps and other personal images it has 4GB of internal storage.

Some powerful functions and useful watch faces are making it a good digital smartwatch in market. First main feature is it is IP68 rating device, it means that Gear S3 is waterproof and dust proof device.

Here, display is 1.3-inch screen with 360×360 resolution, best part of the display is it made from new Corning Gorilla Glass SR+ technology. Corning said new Gorilla Glass SR+ technology specially made for smartwatches, it gives extra security and better scratch resistant protection to the watches.

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