Now Get Gear Apps And Galaxy Apps At One Place

Samsung announced that they are going to merge Galaxy App Store and Gear App Store at one place. Samsung’s this decision could make both users and publishers happy that both can get their apps on Galaxy App Store. Now user can download their Gear apps direct from Galaxy store, the new update just released by Samsung, but in some countries you still need to wait for it.

The Galaxy App Store is pre-installed app on every Samsung smartphones and tablets, the users with the Samsung device can use this. This app is not available on other brands so they can’t get this update nor app. They can use only Gear App Store on their Samsung Gear smartwatch.

After the update new Gear tab has appeared in app by which user can download and update their apps, also they can take services and manage their subscriptions. Now it makes Galaxy Store as one hub for all the Samsung devices and connected them in one place. If the user has more than one Samsung devices like Samsung smartphone, tablet and Smartwatches then he can get all his needy apps from this store.


Now in the My Apps section you will see all your purchased apps and games, and it gives you free preview to use any apps and games before buying it. The Gear smartwatch users can get their favorite watch faces from this store and change them anytime.

This Galaxy App Store is now rolled out in some countries and some countries will get it soon. To update it just open the app on your Samsung devices and it will update it automatically. This update is also available for Samsung Z3 and Z1 and all Samsung Gear S2 smartwatches. If you don’t have Samsung smartphone then still you can get your any apps from Samsung Gear Manager app from your smartwatch.