Places App For Gear S2 To Find Nearby Places

It is very difficult to find some places in new city, if you found yourself in new city and don’t know anything about that city then it would be very time consuming process to find exact location. Sometimes it happened with me, many times I lost my way or couldn’t got special places where I have to visit. But that was the day when we don’t have any digital medium. In the pre smartphone era it was very hard to reach some places, but now with so many apps on smartphones and other gadgets we can find any locations in new city. There is also one new app Places available for Gear S2 smartwatch to help you to get your favorite locations nearby you.

The app named Places will guide you to find any places where you have to go. In the app you will get all the major places with 9 categories and more than 70 subcategories. The places like Bus Station, Restaurants, Hotels, Railway station, Shopping etc. With the help of Gear Navigator app you will get turn by turn navigation to desired places. Search any location by voice search or simple text search. If you have doubts on some places then there are ratings for that particular place with address, Web page, phone, opinions, location and photo gallery.


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The app features are powered by Google Map where they brought some features from Google, like location map and street view functions. The Places app available to download for Samsung Gear S2 and Classic. If you want to search famous places nearby you then this is excellent app to use. Note that to get turn by turn navigation feature you must have Gear Navigator app on your device otherwise that feature doesn’t work inside app.