Samsung Smartwatch Market Saw Double Growth In 2016

Samsung has some serious data to cheer in this quarter. The latest report from ITC claims that Samsung Smartwatch market share has doubled in 2016. The highest score came from second quarter of current year. This news will definitely give more confidence to Samsung to make their smartwatches unique and even better. In recent years Samsung had been seen some serious downfalls in digital market. 

Till last year their shares was in steady decline and they also went out of top 5 list of smartwatch makers. Now after the launch of Gear S2 and Gear S2 Classic watches they again successfully caught trust of users. Last year there was only 7% market shares for company but this year they saw strong growth in shares, this time it almost doubled and now reach to 16% market shares.

It means lot more to Samsung that they are the only player in the market who saw strong growth. The big player of last year was Apple who had strong 72% shares in their store, this year they lost more of them and now has only 47% shares with the huge decline in their business.

Samsung Smartwatch Market

Lenovo, the Chinese venture is on third spot and it successfully got 9% shares in world market. Another South Korean company LG Electronics is on 4th place and Garmin is on fifth place, both have 8% & 4% shares respectively. Remaining all other companies have 16% shares combined in world market. Samsung Smartwatch is running on Tizen OS, Apple Watch is running on iOS and remaining all runs on Android OS, surprisingly Google’s own Android Wear watch is nowhere in the top list.

Samsung smartwatches are running on Tizen and they have much useful app and games. As per the Samsung state their smartwatches have 4000+ apps in Gear Manager Store and its growing month on month. Samsung’s watches are best in use and their prices are also very low compare to their competitors. The shares may increase after the launch of Gear S3 smartwatch which could launch this September in IFA event.