Samsung Z1 Goes On sale, Buy From Snapdeal At Rs. 4,100

The first Tizen smartphone Samsung Z1 is now goes on sale from Indian Shopping site Snapdeal. Samsung Z1 is the first Tizen smartphone launched in India back in 2015. It’s almost 2 years since they have been introduced in Indian market. When it introduced in market that time it had priced at Rs. 6,500, and later it came down to much lower price. Now the online player Snapdeal is giving some discount on this phone. Samsung Z1 is goes on sale from Snapdeal and now it available for only Rs. 4,100. It originally priced at Rs. 5,500, that means almost 24% discount price.

I think this will be the better and valuable price for Samsung Z1, because its newer and latest model Samsung Z2 is priced at Rs. 4,590. It is unfair that oldest model sells at highest price than new one. Another Tizen smartphone Samsung Z3 also priced at much fair price, which has better specs in every corner than Z1.

Samsung Z1 is 4-inch device with 480×800 resolution screen and protective glass. Samsung made it as a basic smartphone for those users who want to switch from their feature phone. It is the first Tizen smartphone, witnessed earlier features and new apps of Tizen.

Samsung Z1 Offer

When it released, Tizen was in its earlier stage with simple functions, which now grows at its fastest speed. The device with only 750MB RAM and good quality processor to drive this new platform phone. Main camera on the device is 5MP and VGA secondary camera. Battery power is enough to run it longer in multimedia and internet usage.

The other online shopping site Amazon also priced it at Rs. 3,999 without any discount. Snapdeal has labeled discount band on Samsung Z2 that means after some days it could go to its original price. The price on Amazon is not discounted so that may be final price at the present days. If you want to buy Samsung Z1 from Snapdeal website then visit Tizen Store also has Snapdeal app, you can use that too, for that go to Tizen Store and download it.