Spotify Offline Playback Feature Comes To Gear S3

The most popular feature on Spotify music app is Offline Playback feature, where music lovers can listen their favorite songs in the offline mode. This Offline Playback feature is now comes to Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch so users can listen every beats in offline mode. Spotify app firstly launched on Gear S2 smartwatch by the official developers. Since then every features are coming to this digital watch.

Samsung Gear S3 users can use Spotify app without any help from other smartphone or smartwatch. Before this users have to take help from smartwatch or other compatible smartphones but now no need to pair with other devices. It will do it automatically for you.

To use Spotify app on the Gear S3 go to Gear Manager app and download it for free. After that choose your favorite Playlist, album or songs from the list and save it on your Gear S3 storage. It will work on both Samsung Gear S3 Frontier and Samsung Gear S3 Classic models.

Spotify app launched on Gear S3 before one year and millions of Gear S3 users are using it. In the world more than 150 million customers are listening songs on Spotify, including both premium and free users. It is must have app for your digital watch so go and get it.

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