Test Your Math Skills In Freaking Math Game

The math is not the subject of everyone, in the life we all have faced mathematical problems. The tricky and hard questions in maths are always hard and solving them in given time are even challenging. Well, there are some users which loves math and very happy to solve arithmetic problems. They can solve any types of questions within few seconds and we call those people genius minds, like Einstein or Newton.

If you also one of those math lovers then now to give you challenge one new game launched in Tizen Store. If you say that math is game of your left hand then this game can challenge you in various skills. The new game is Freaking Math and now it is available in Tizen Store for free.

The game is very simple to understand like other Tizen games, but has very tricky gameplay due to math questions. It is not so hard for math lovers, they can solve these questions within a seconds, but the question is in how much time? Because there is no huge time to solve these maths, the timer will set on the screen and every time it will alert you about last second. Now you will ask how much time we get to solve those questions? Well, I say only one second, you heard right, you have only one second to choose exact answer. May be the given time is very low, but for smart users it is enough time to move on.


In the given questions you have to choose right answer, the questions are only adding numbers which might not problem for anyone. Just tap on right answer in a second, then it will show you either your question is right or wrong. Play as many questions as you want and collect some points. Every time try to beat your previous record and make one new high score by providing correct answer.

The Freaking Math game is very useful app for every children that they can learn math in fun way. The game is very good to kill our free time in better learning way. The Freaking Math is now available in Tizen Store and you can play it on both smartphones.