WhatsApp Calling Reached To 100 Million Calls Per Day

WhatsApp Calling launched back in March by WhatsApp Messenger for their all existing customers, which is now becoming popular as a free calling service. Now the latest report from WhatsApp came out that WhatsApp Calling now reached at 100 Million calls every day. The calling service came up after the almost all tests and beta releases. Firstly it was launched on Android as a beta service back in March and after one month later it came to iOS.  WhatsApp Calling is also available on Tizen platform and every Tizen users can use it. For the WhatsApp team it is groundbreaking success as in the very mean time they surpassed big numbers.

Now in the world there are 1 billion WhatsApp users and in that 100 Million are using free calling service. This service is beneficial for those users who want to talk more but doesn’t want to pay much bill, then they can use this free service. Actually it is free service for all users but they have to pay for their existing data plan which could take some data charges.


The WhatsApp Calling service is still in the initial stage, there are some features which has to be improve, may be this happen in their next app update. Also in the weak zone it doesn’t work properly, for the better use caller and receiver both must be in strong signal area.

This free service is most popular in countries like India where most users want to save their money on call cost. WhatsApp is now working on Video calling service which is in beta version and developers working on it, in the next few months we can do video calls from our Messenger. If you are enable to call from your WhatsApp Tizen app then first update it to latest version and then try it.