10 Best Health And Fitness Apps For Daily Workout

Smartphones play an important role in our daily routine nowadays for variety of functions. The increasing scope for smartphones in our daily activities make them one of the essential tools in our routine planning of various tasks. There are multitude of applications that are compatible with most of the smartphones that reduces our efforts in various ways. Among these apps health & fitness apps are imperative to guide us in our workout and exercise. The fitness & health apps play very crucial role to keep us informed and updated about multi-dimensions of our health.

If you want to save your hard-earned cash from spending on unnecessarily on health then use your smartphone as a perfect guide like a gym trainer. Health consciousness is very vital to be fit and to contribute productively in our work.

There are several fitness related apps available in Android play Store & Apple App Store, which surely helps us and guide for the exercise and fitness related activities that may be yoga, running etc. All the listed apps are highly rated on Android smartphones & Apple iPhones. Here we are giving you a list of top 10 best fitness apps for your smartphones.

Fitness Apps

1. ManFit

This is a free fitness app that will help you for bodybuilding, muscle building, power training and for various other exercises. You can workout from home with this app without need of any fitness coach. The app is very simple to use and you have options like quick workout and monthly workout challenge to choose.

Manfit will provide you a professional training guidance with reliable fitness tracker and detailed health report. It is built with various power training programmes like endurance training, explosive force training and vertical jump training that is intended to guide you perfectly in your workout. Download it from Google Play Store for Android & from iOS App Store for iPhones & iPads.

2. Home Workout

If you are really interested to do workout then this app is built to help you and make your choice easy. You need to spend just few minutes daily with Home Workout app to build muscle and to keep yourself fit, there is no need to go gym.

When you have this app in your smartphone you need no equipment or coach you can perform easily without them. The app helps you in multitudes of ways for warm-up and stretching, body building, strength training, fat burning workouts, act as a fitness coach and will guide you in multiple exercises.

3. Step Tracker

The Step Tracker app is intended to provide you a information about your steps and effectively count your daily steps to give you a chart for comparison. It is real-time step counter app which automatically records your steps when you have your smartphone in your pocket and even when screen is locked.

The app helps you to manage customized fitness plan and monitor your progress and provide personal health report. Now its very easy for you to compete with your friends on daily basis and know your ranking of daily steps. To check your accuracy and improvements you can count your steps and upgrade your level on the basis of daily analysis.

4. Weight Loss, Calorie Counter, Diet Plan & Recipes

The app is highly rated and most reliable for its nutrition and food related tracking system that is essential to keep one fit. If you are really excited to lose your weight and planning for the diet then this app is best suited for your requirements. This app will create diet chart and meal planner to guide you properly and counts your calories to track your progress.

If you have a definite fitness goal you may use this app to find health advice, recipes and daily dose for your motivational purpose. Now you can start your journey of weight loss and fitness with the guidance of this app.

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5. Headspace

The planning and guidance for the effective meditation will get more concrete nature with Headspace app and you will need no mentor for the same purpose. The purpose of meditation is quite different from the exercise, here the focus is entirely on breathing and relaxation and the attainment of a high level of peace. This app is all set to guide you for the purpose of meditation, you can improve your quality and skills with the life changing skills of relaxation, meditation and mindfulness that app provides you effectively.

It is built with meditation and sleep doses to keep you relax and focussed. The app also contains various themes and packs that have guidance for you like happiness packs, brave meditation packs, and sport meditation packs along with several others.

6. Google Fit

Google fit provides you an alternative way to remain healthier and fit and it helps in achieving your fitness goals. It introduced two new activity goals to improve the health of the users that are move minutes and heart points. These both will help you to remain conscious about your moving activity and the activities that will help your heart to be healthy.

Google Fit also performs several activities like tracking your workouts from your phone, it monitors your fitness goals and progress and many other. You can sync this app with your favourite apps and devices to get the holistic view of your health. The Google Fit app available in Android Play Store for free.

7. Pro Gym Workout

This is a bodybuilding app and perform as a workout trainer for you. The app has workout videos which makes it easy for you to do workout without coach or trainer. It covers wide range of workout programmes and provide the training for the same.

You will be guide for multitude of workouts covering workouts for biceps, triceps and cardio workouts etc. the app is inbuilt with several of routine workouts that includes bodybuilding, fat loss, powerlifter and many others. You will be provided with workout videos of professional body builders that shows you a perfect-techniques for that purpose.

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8. Six Pack in 30 Days

You need a perfect guidance to build your muscle at home and Six Pack in 30 Days is designed for that purpose. If you are striving towards six packs then this app has a lot to do for you with smart tips and practical advices. The app has various features and all you need to do is just spend some quality time with the app to get effectiveness.

The app is built with exercises that are grouped by muscle group and difficulty level. All the workout exercises are designed with 3D modelling with full HD resolution. The fitness guide of the app has plenty of tutorials guiding how to build muscle and workout from home and for more tips. These all exercises are free and helps you in various ways for the fitness purpose and muscle building.

9. Freeletics

This is the most effective fitness app that is aimed to help you in attaining your fitness goals that ranging from weight losing, muscle building to better shape. You need no equipment to achieve your health and fitness goals, you can work out anytime, anywhere. The app has vide covering that includes more than 900 workouts that match your muscle groups.

Freeletics will provide you with the tutorial videos that guide you in the execution of your fitness plan. You have options here to chose with your weekly availability and do workout accordingly. To see effectiveness, you must be consistent for few days with your proper and planned schedule with the app.

10. Keep Trainer

When you have a busy schedule but even thinking about the workouts then you have a better option that Keep Trainer provides. This easy and effective app will perform like a personal trainer for your workout related requirements and provides you with video courses that you can even download offline. The app cover hundreds of exercises that includes fat burning, weight loss and muscle building, to track your workouts and transform your look.

Keep trainer app has several crucial features to guide you like multiple free workouts & exercise, personalised training plans to match your demands, workout for all levels and few other. With the video guidance facility of this app experts will monitor and track your progress with voice guidance and redirect you towards your fitness goal with all the needy information. You can save your money and time with effective performance if you have this simple app in your smartphone.

These days many smartwatches and fitness trackers are available in market to make sure you are doing proper workouts. The famous gadgets are Apple Watch Series 4, Series 3, Samsung Galaxy Watch, Gear S3, Fitbit Charge 3, Huawei Watch 2 Pro and MI Band 3. You can synchronize your smartphone data with the smartwatches or all wearables to get all the updates.

This is the extensive and filtered list of top 10 best health and fitness apps that you should refer if you are planning to workout from home without any coach. These all apps are highly rated and all are available in Android Play Store & Apple App Store. Some of these mentioned apps are free of cost and for the rest you have to pay some amount for the in-app purchase.