20 Most Popular Tizen Apps Of February 2018

Tizen team has released list of top 20 most popular Tizen apps of February 2018. The list shows many movements into the store back in one month compare to last month of January. After ACL for Tizen loss the list has changed with almost half percentage. New apps have been taken place on the place of old ones. Since 2015 to 2017, Tizen Store app ranks were same but now it changed a lot. The SHAREit app which was always on second spot is now nowhere into the store. And its place has been taken by popular social media app Facebook.

The Facebook Messenger is on 3rd spot. First 3 apps are made by Facebook, its WhatsApp Messenger, Facebook & Facebook Messenger is on 1st, 2nd & 3rd positions respectively. Then on 4th place we have Opera Mini Web Browser, in last two months it has gained positive reviews from customers and now more users are using it to browse the net. The loss of UC & UC Mini had also boosted its position by few margins.

Top 20 Tizen Apps

The biggest Indian entertainment app Hotstar is on 5th spot. Hotstar provides free movies, TV Shows & live sport & other streamings for its viewers. The Hotstar Premium is not available on Tizen, soon we might get it.

Top 20 Tizen Apps

In the current list 3 new apps have make their own place into the top rank. The first one is Hill Driver, spotted on 11th place. The game has launched last month so it is remarkable how it gets into the top rank within a month. The other apps are Ballon Shoot & Music Express MX Music Player, held 12th & 14th positions respectively. The another famous app Jio TV is hardly got rank for itself. It is on last position in the tally & the surprise thing is it is the only Jio app which ranked into the list.

Last month not many developers released their apps or games on Tizen. The only franchise app Collabio Documents is appeared in the store. Still many Tizen users waiting for more premium apps on smartphones. Hope this month we get some more premium apps to use. You can now download these all apps on your Tizen smartphones. Some apps may not work in all countries due to some limitations. Don’t forget to share your reviews about these apps in the comments section below.