5G Subscribers Reached to 1 Million in South Korea

The South Korean Ministry of Information & Communication (MIC) has announced that 5G subscribers in the country have reached the 1 Million milestones. After the launch of commercial 5G services in South Korea, most customers turned to the new technology, and in just 69 days country has witnessed 1 million users since the first commercialization in April. The report says every day average 17,000 new subscribers have converted to 5G services and the conversion rate will increase in the coming days. The national ministry of communication now aims to reach 500 million subscribers till the end of this year, and with such tremendous growth, it looks possible.

South Korea is the first country to adopt 5G technology, and this year in April, it firstly commercialized for the public by SK Telecom provider. Firstly, SK Telecom installed 38,000 base stations across the country. Later KT operator & LG U Plus deployed the technology and started its 5G services in all major cities of South Korea. All the carriers have covered significant airports, large shopping malls, and exhibition halls. Further, planning to launch in 350 more cinema halls, sports stadiums, and other vital centers in the coming months.

5G in South Korea

Samsung is the first smartphone manufacturer to launch the first 5G phone – Galaxy S10 5G in the world market. Galaxy Fold is another 5G device from a company that might be available from this July. Apart from Samsung, OnePlus 7 Pro, LG V50 & upcoming Huawei Mate X are some other 5G phones ready to deliver next-generation internet services. US, Switzerland, UK & Italy are the other nations which have started to adopt 5G technology and soon Spain will launch it in the coming months.

Source (Korean)