7 Best Racing Games For Galaxy Note 8

If you are console user who always played top class racing games on console devices like Xbox & Playstation then you must familiar with some better racing titles. Consoles are truly made for gaming that’s why gamers can find best titles there. But now slowly but steadily mobile games are also changing, thanks to new Samsung Galaxy S7, Galaxy S8 & Galaxy Note 8. It is the best phablet on market comes with many surprising features that are powerful and advanced compare to many similar devices. It only lacks in free online cloud services that came with older Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge models.

Developers are launching their best titles on smartphones along with console devices. Nowadays, it is not difficult to find out good titles on mobiles. The Android Play Store on Galaxy Note 8 is a great library of such games which you like to play.

The Racing games are becoming popular on Android devices, most gamers plays racing genres, it is not only because sometimes they are easier than action genres but they choose these because they love to play it. Gamers saw their dream cars or bikes in it, they always dreams about winning championship and fill they are really participating in the race.

For these users Play Store gives lots of quality and high graphics racing games for your smartphone and in that these are best 7 racing games for Galaxy Note 8. These games has top class vivid graphics, best visual effects and amazing gameplay which worth to play them on new Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Racing Games Note 8

1) Asphalt 8: Airborne

The Asphalt 8: Airborne is made by Gameloft developer. It is on top in Google Play Store till to date. In the gameplay best vivid graphics and special effects are jaw blowing. It came with nice cutscenes and nice background music. The cars and surroundings made with high details and everything looks natural to eyes. They added 47 types of cars from top manufacturers. You can see your favorite one in these cars with latest models.

The gameplay is in top cities of world with their original culture, and it added with many modes to play. There are 8 seasons and 180 events in carrier mode and all these are different to play than previous one. You can choose your favorite car, firstly they will give you first car as a free and then you can buy others with your rewards or direct from in-app purchases with your credit. It is now free and works fine on all high end devices.

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2) Real Racing 3

The Real Racing 3 is one of the best titles for any smartphones. Till to date this is now on no. 1 position in 90 countries and best game in almost all countries. The Electronic Arts made this in high quality graphics and best gameplay. It has a many levels to race and now they newly added mirror image feature where you can see cars behind you. This mirror feature you can see only on this title and it is worth part of it.

You can participate in race with different 50 cars including famous Ferrari, Audi and many more. You can race into championship or choose simple race with other players. Win the race with first rank and get some extra rewards. For getting powerful cars and boosts you can use inside shop. This is free but to get more from it you need to spend some money in in-app purchases.

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3) Need for Speed: Most Wanted

The Need for Speed: Most Wanted also made by Electronic Arts. It is released last year and millions of users played it on their devices, till it is high recommendable in store. The best cutscenes and high quality graphics and visual effects are really worth to play it. Take part into the race and drive your cars on national highways. Be aware from policemen, if you crashed someone or if your speed is decreased then they will catch you and you will out of the race.

There are many levels to play and you can also take part into championship to show your driving talent. It has many branded cars to drive and you can also upgrade them from shop by your gaming currency. NFS is the original title from its playstation gaming version and it is available for download at $4.99.

4) Riptide GP 2

The Riptide GP 2 is not the car racing genre or bike, but it is more than you think. It is the water racing game which comes with stunning graphics and jaw blowing cutscenes. The developers at Vector Unit used water physics and real time reflections in gameplay. Special effects make it more realistic, when you jump on the water then some water reflects on your screen and that’s look more natural.

The character designing and environment are well created. Just start your race on your Jet Sky and drive till finish line and be the first on your team. This title specially launched for Nvidia Tegra devices, but the other processors are not less in any corner than its Nvidia version. You can download it for $2.99 from store and it works really amazing on selected models.

5) Subway Surfers

The Subway Surfers game is created by Kiloo developer. It is in the list because of its addictive gameplay. By looking at it you can say it is just casual game, but when you will start to play then you may addictive to it. This is in the top games list in Play Store since last 2 years and still ruling there. It is an endless runner where you can run as much as you can. Play as a boy who runs on train to survive from policeman and his dog.

Collect coins and other boosters to make high score. Challenge with your other friend on Facebook. Also take the help of many tools from gameplay to survive. Don’t dash trains or walls, just runs as much as you can and make your own record. You can take help of IAP for better score if you need it. The game is absolutely free in Play Store.

6) Beach Buggy Racing

The Beach Buggy Racing is also famous for its wonderful beach racing. It made by Vector Unit developers. This is the sequel of original Beach buggy Blitz. It is cart racing genre. Race against rival drivers and win the championship. You have many carts to choose, select best for you and participate in cart racing.

Also collect the powerups like Dodgeball frenzy, Fireball and Oil Slick for better performance as well as to stop your competitors. It has 6 different modes and 15 imaginative tracks in gameplay and all are well created. The graphics and visual effects are worth to play it. The game is free in Android Play Store.

7) Asphalt 7: Heat

Best Racing Games

The Asphalt 8: Heat was amazing title of last year and till it looks great on all devices including tablets. They added different 60 cars to drive from branded names like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston, Martin, Audi etc and all these cars come with their latest models. Drive your car into 15 cities from all world including famous New York, Miami, London, Paris, Rio and Hawaii.

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Everything in the gameplay is in details. It uses HD graphics and visual effects. It also has a best cutscenes to watch. Take the part into race in different levels and special events. It has inside shop to purchase more powerful cars and some boosts to use. You can use your rewards to shop in the gameplay. The price for it is $0.99 in Android Play Store.

These are our top 7 racing games for Samsung Galaxy Note 8. If you think we missed your favorite titles from our list then tell us in comment box we will added them in our next gaming article.