Accuweather App Launched On Samsung Gear VR

The official app of popular weather information website Accuweather is now launched for Samsung Gear VR. It is the well known app to serve users latest and almost correct weather information on their device. The Accuweather app already had landed into the Tizen Store for all the three Tizen smartphones. It is the pre installed app on new Samsung Z2 smartphone since the launch day. Now with the presence of Accuweather services on Gear VR, customers will get all the needy information in a seconds. It gives you all the details about weather in your nearby places.

Accuweather will provide 360 video content and hourly forecast to keep you updated. It is nice to see rain weather and when snow will fall. It guide you to roam outside in perfect condition by giving exact information of the current location.

Accuweather for Gear VR

In the special feature called WeatherScape customers can access details of stormy rain, snow, thunderstorms and clouds in an array of weather animations. It can be used or accessed through this new WeatherScape feature in a daily or hourly forecasts. The other feature MinuteCast is perfect to get minute-by-minute weather information. It is also perfect tool to see wind speed, wind direction, precipitation, severe weather alerts and dew points.

The Accuweather app is now Available to download for Gear VR through Oculus store. To get this visit Oculus Store from Gear VR and install it. It is most trusted Weather forecasting app on any platform. It is now one of the most useful app on the Oculus Store including Facebook 360 and it makes Samsung Gear VR device even more perfect.