Activate Touch Bezel on Galaxy Watch Active 2

The new Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 has now released in South Korea, UK & Germany. In the next month, the smartwatch will lands in all the major countries when most of the users will get their hands on it. Galaxy Watch Active 2 offers advanced features over its Watch Active & 2017’s hit model Galaxy Watch. It is the true heir to the Galaxy Watch because Watch Active had solely focused on its price by compromising some features, like touch bezel. Now the touch bezel is back on the new wearable, in new design & more responsive as digital touch bezel.

The touch bezel is back on the watch, but when you first start your Watch Active 2 you will notice it is not giving any response. Well, don’t think it is broken or you have got a damaged product. No, it’s not. For some reason, Samsung has decided to put it inactive and you have to activate it manually. The SamMobile team has found out the solution to it so you can use digital touch bezel on your new Samsung smartwatch. Here is how to activate touch bezel on Galaxy Watch Active 2.

Activate Touch bezel on Galaxy Watch Active 2

1. Open Galaxy Wearable app

On your paired smartphone, go to the Galaxy Wearable app. If you still not paired your watch with your smartphone then the first pair it otherwise you can’t use the app.

2. Click on the “Advanced” option

Activate touch bezel

On the main screen of the Wearable app, you will see Advanced option, tap on it.

3. Activate the “Touch Bezel” option

When you press on the Advanced option, the second option is Touch Bezel. By default, it has deactivated. To activate it, press the toggle & enable it.

That’s it. You can now use digital bezel on your Galaxy Watch Active 2 smartwatch. You can share your experience with the new watch with us in the comment box below. Share this article with your friends that may get help from this article when they bought the new Galaxy smartwatch.