Turn On/Off Touch Bezel on Galaxy Watch Active & Active 2

In the latest Tizen 4.7 update, Samsung has pushed one of the most important features on Galaxy Watch Active. It has activated digital touch bezel on the watch to rotate the screen. At the launching, by default, it had deactivated by Samsung and no one had a clue that it can activate again. Before that, all Samsung smartwatches, Galaxy Watch, Gear S3 & Gear Sport launched with physical touch bezel. Only the Galaxy Watch Active to separate from this feature. That because Samsung again introduced digital touch bezel on the next Galaxy Watch Active 2 wearable.

Some users are happy that the company has given rotating bezel on their smartwatch. On the other hand, some users want to go in a natural way by scrolling the fingers. All the smartwatches come with touch bezel activated and if you’re going to deactivate it, then I will explain how to do it. Activating touch bezel will not cost battery life so if it is the main reason to change it, then don’t do it. Yes, like other functions and vibrations mode on, it will affect some percentage of power but not that much. Know how to turn on or off touch bezel on Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Watch Active & Active 2.

Activate Touch Bezel on Galaxy Watch Active

Galaxy Watch Active1. Go to Settings

2. Then go to Advanced

3. Now click on Touch Bezel

4. By default, it is on. You can tap on the toggle to turn it off

5. The same way you can turn on the touch bezel

It is simple to go this way. For the Galaxy Watch Active, the update is now rolling out in many countries. If you haven’t received the latest firmware in your country, then wait for some days. Also, comment below for any difficulties.