After Tizen 3.0 Update Gear S3 Not Working? Here Is Solution

Samsung has rolled out new Tizen 3.0 software version on Gear S3 Frontier and Classic models. Now after updating latest firmware, users are complaining many bugs into it. It causes many serious problems into the Gear S3 smartwatches. Most Gear S3 users have raised their complaints on the forum & social media sites. Samsung has also confirmed there are some serious bugs into the Tizen firmware update supposed to fix in coming days though it hasn’t mentioned any specific date to fix those software issues.

The main issue occured is most watches are crashing like hell. The softwares on smartwatch are not responding properly – results in force close. Other customers saw huge crashes into the watch faces. Most watch faces are not opening and some are come with glitches. It may be due to change in the programming & most developers haven’t updated their watch faces to latest version.

Samsung Gear S3

There is also problems found in opening & closing smartwatch and delay with the UI response. In the developer’s department many are complaining about not working of Gear Manager app & Gear Watch Designer tool.

These all problems can be fixed by just reseting your Gear S3. Yes, you heard right. To fix all the bugs & other problems make factory reset, apply restore and then everything will be all right. Right now this is the quick fix to all the causes. For permanent fixes you have to wait till Tizen Update comes from Samsung. Do you have any other concerns regarding new version then you can ask me in the comments box.