AirPlay 2 & Apple TV App Supports on Samsung Smart TV

Samsung has become the first TV manufacturer to support the Apple’s latest and redesigned Apple TV app. Accordingly, all the 2019 Samsung smart TVs and selected 2018 models will be the first batch to feature Apple TV and AirPlay 2 in more than 100 countries. YouTube TV & Amazon Prime Music have recently launched their respective apps on the Samsung TVs and now Apple has entered into Tizen Store for Smart TV. To enjoy the updated Apple TV, Samsung users have to download and install the firmware update that is now available. This update may enable customers to have access with Apple TV channels, iTunes movies and TV shows on their Samsung Smart TV.

The updated Apple TV app is fully integrated into Samsung platform and enlarges customers choice with enhanced access to TV shows and programs. The app will enable users to browse for more than 10000 iTunes movie shows which are available for buy and rent. For the better experience the app is made compatible to work with Samsung’s Universal Guide, Bixby and Search features. This updated Apple TV app contains a new curated section with recommended shows for users.

Apple TV

AirPlay 2 enabled Samsung smart TVs enable users to play the content from their respective devices such as iPad and iPhone to directly on Samsung TV. Samsung smart TV users will also be able to enjoy Apple TV+, which is Apple’s original video subscription service, through the same models when it launches this fall. This overhauled Apple TV app will enable users to have access with the variety of content on a single platform and saves their efforts.

Apple TV app enable users to subscribe to Apple TV channels directly from this app and the same content can also be accessed through the app also. The app recommendations is eventually going to surface the content they want you to see. This experience is quite limited on Smart TV, as it is based on the content you get from Apple. But all your purchased or subscribed TV shows and movies will be available there like in Apple TV channels.