AirPods 3 Launches with Spatial Audio, Adaptive EQ & 6-hour Battery

AirPods 3 is now officially part of the Apple hearables for 2021. Apple has launched third-gen AirPods 3 with some innovative audio features to enhance the music quality. It is an advanced version of AirPods 2 & AirPods Pro earbuds. The new true earbuds offer the spatial audio feature, which gives sound around the user to produce a movie or theatre-like experience. The spatial audio works with Dolby Atmos to create a 3D sound effect. The earbuds will automatically pause the audio when you take it out from the ear.

The new in-ear sensor – Adaptive EQ is another essential feature introduced on new hearables. It will adjust sound in real-time based on the size of the ears. With this Adaptive EQ, Apple has tried to minimize or maximize the sound of earbuds, so users won’t feel any seal while listening to audio for a long time.

The Siri voice assistant on the new earbuds will read notifications, messages, calendars, reminders, and calls. The third-party apps can also take advantage of Siri by using APIs.

Apple AirPods 3 Launched

The new Beamforming mic will avoid ambient noise during calls by giving priority to your voice. AirPods 3 offers six hours of battery life, and the charging case will provide an additional 24-hours battery. The battery life is half of what Galaxy Buds Pro offers.

With fast charging, users can quickly fill up one hour of battery life in just five minutes. For charging, AirPods 3 supports MagSafe charging. The sweat & water resistance earbuds are available for $179 and go on sale from Apple Store & website.

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