Amazfit Bip S Updates Improves Smart Notifications

The Amazfit Bip S is the new low pricing smartwatch that comes with all the essential features. On that company releases new firmware to enhance the workability of the wearable. Now the latest software version seeded to deal with some issues. When you put Bip S aside with Amazfit T-Rex, Amazfit Verge 2, or Amazfit GTS, then it doesn’t come with that much function. Still, it is going for the device to the users who are just getting their first smartwatch. Thanks to such updates, which are increasing the bar.

The new version will solve the issues with smart notification, or it allows you to see many notifications. Smart notifications are must-have features to get all the incoming messages from your paired smartphones. Previously, on Amazfit Bip S, when you get the notification, then only one message allowed to show on the main screen, and if you miss it and another message comes up, suddenly the previous one would have vanished. Now, the company has precisely taken care of notifications to let you read more than one text.

Amazfit Bip S Update

When you receive more than one text, emails, or other messages, then all will be there in line, and when you read them, then they will vanish. Not from the single source but from the various source you can get and view them. The latest version is distributing in many countries. To install the firmware, first, download the latest app version of the Amazfit app from the store, and your watch will automatically get it.