Amazfit GTS & GTR Received Improvement Updates

The new update for Amazfit GTR & Amazfit GTS has finally brought Arabic & Polish language support. Many users in the Middle East know the Arabic language & the Polish widely used in Europe. Huami have now added both to the GTS & GTR for the better user experience. To change the language of the smartwatch, you first have to change the language of your paired smartphone. When you change the language, your smartwatch will automatically adopt it. Also, both new versions will improve the core features of the watches with some minor additions.

The firmware version is releasing for Amazfit GTS, and the firmware version is for Amazfit GTR. Along with Arabic language support, both watches get improvements in common areas. It has improved app list scrolling performance. We haven’t witnessed any slowness in this area though it is better to have improvements. The firmware has also added vibration, which will vibrate while turning off the device. There is now the STOP button for an Alarm reminder to turn it off.

New Amazfit Update

The PAI feature has launched in the second half on Amazfit GTS & GTR, and from time to time, Huami has fixes issues with it. This update has also done the same by bringing fixes to some minor issues to get accurate results. Lastly, it also brings fixes to the countdown error under a certain time. The update is now rolling out in Malaysia for Amazfit GTR & the other Amazfit GTS is getting a new version in Vietnam.