Amazon Introduced Echo Buds Hearables with Alexa

In the Seattle event, Amazon has introduced a wide variety of wearables in its Echo series. The Echo Buds are newly hearable; Echo Frames is a smart glass & the Echo loop is a smart ring. Echo Buds are the new hearables come with Alexa voice assistant. You can give the command and the two microphones on the outer side and microphone on the inner side of the buds will receive it and give you the answers. Amazon says you can turn off the mics if you don’t want to share your conversations and also you can delete saved conversations for the privacy concerns. With the help of Bose technology, Amazon has created a perfect noise cancellation environment so the outer voice won’t disturb you.

To connect the Echo Buds, you can use companion Android or iOS app to access the music, turn on navigation, making calls or other activities. Amazon Skills allow you to arrange an Uber cab, play your favorite song, check the calendar and for a guided workout. In terms of battery life, Echo Buds will provide 5 hours of battery life when playing music & 4 hours in the calling.

Amazon Echo Buds with Alexa

Amazon Echo BudsThe charging case with three additional charges will let you play with your buds for some more time. You can play songs for 15 hours and make calls using buds for up to 12 hours. In a quick time, you can charge it for 15 minutes and can listen to 2 hours of songs 1 hour of calling. Hearables are still new and there are more works to do to improve them and battery life is one of them.

Apple Airpods & Samsung Galaxy Buds are now in the market and widely available in major countries. The price for the new Amazon Echo Buds has set to $129 in the US. The pre-orders have started from today and it will available from October 30th next month. The prices for Echo Buds are lower than Apple Airpods & Galaxy Buds as the company promised.