Android Oreo Now Runs On 19.2% Smartphones

Google tracks the Android version of any devices which have access to Play Store for more than seven days period. And using this source Google releases the distribution numbers of various Android versions and the number of devices running in this version currently. This data provides a reliable source to analyse various things like the most popular Android version and percentage of devices that have installed it and gives information about how the latest updates are adopted by the users. It is also important source for the developers in accordance with the developing and update apps which are in demand by the users.

The data is collected and released by the Google with the help of only active Android devices for this purpose. The latest information for the month of September is available and according to that half of the devices that visited Google Play Store in this month were still running on Nougat or Marshmallow. Android Pie was released in August but still it is not available on the large number of devices. The 19.2% of devices are running on the Oreo which was launched last year.

Android Oreo

When Google released its data for the July then there was also an Android Oreo version which was largely adopted by the users, by nearabout 12.7% devices. This adoption rate shows the customers preference towards the newer versions but it still it is adopted with quite slow pace. Though the rate of adoption is slow but with the information of July month the other versions of Android seen some decrease in their usages. Android version Gingerbread decreased by 0.1%, Ice Cream Sandwich-0.1%, Jelly Bean-0.7%, Kitkat-1.2%, Lollipop-2%, Marshmallow-2% and Nougat decreased by 0.3% respectively while the Oreo seen an increase of the 6.4%.

These distribution numbers make it easier for the developers and users to get the hint about the latest version of Android and its adoption rate by the users. The new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 & Samsung Galaxy S9 duo are the two first smartphones which are going to run on Android Pie version then we can see some numbers change in this chart.

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