Android Q Update Arrives To Google Pixel Phones

Google Pixel phones are poised to receive the Android Beta Q, as the news has been revealed by Google. As for now only Google Pixel devices such as Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL ate set to receive this version. It is worth noting that the latest version is also available for original Pixel and Pixel XL devices. To install the beta 1 of Android Q users of these devices have to enroll for the beta programme. After the beta version it might come soon to premium smartphones like Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy S10 series & other devices. Android Pie is now rolling out worldwide for all the smartphones in different segments.

Though Google has revealed several features that are covered in this version, the picture will be more clear after the Google I/O conference predicted to be held in May. Let us have a glimpse on the features of the Android Q Beta. The initial announcement from the Google mentions several features. The most important is new permission management system that gives you three options for granting permission. That includes the access all the time, only while app in use or never. Also the Android Q enable users to have more control over apps permission to photos, videos, audios and other critical content of the device.

Android Beta Q

Android Q prevents an app to jump foreground and interrupt you unless you enable high priority notification for the app. As on downloads front, app must use the system file picker that allows you decide for which files that app can have access.

Android Q comes with the new way of content sharing that is faster and easier. It limits the access to device’s IMEI, serial number as well as other crucial information. New video and audio codecs of Android Q let you enjoy superior quality content on your phone. WiFi tool has been improved to secure your privacy and enhance performance and suggests connection without location permission. In order to improve the efficiency of the device some enhancements are made in ART to reduce power consumption. Android Q Beta has several excellent features that are aimed at improving privacy and security environment as well as overall efficiency of the device.

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