Wear OS ‘Tiles’ Feature Update Now Rolling Out

Android Wear OS gets the latest update which adds the new feature known as Tiles which allows users to swipe and get the needed information. Now the new update is rolling out for some users on their Android Wear OS watches. This update is intended to improve users experience and bring the convenience to find things quickly. Earlier, Wear OS got updates that improves its overall performance, such as redesigned UI, enhanced payment mode and improved battery life. Now this will bring Samsung Galaxy Watch Active style to Android Wear OS smartwatches.

Google has already introduced users with swipe features which give them easier access with things. Swipe down option displays various Quick Toggles whereas swipe from bottom of the screen gives access to quick reply suggestions and notification panel. However, in the latest update Google brings innovative Tile feature to its Wear OS users. In this feature Google is planning to integrate tiles into UI as users will easily swipe for the important information through their wrist. Once introduced this feature will allow users to access to crucial information by just swiping to the left.

Wear OS Update

If users are not convenient with the default settings, they can change it and rearrange Tiles by pressing it long and dragging each to the convenient place.

In the initial stage Google will roll out six individual tiles that are focused on particular activities. Like the Goals Tiles let users to view their daily activities and Heart Rate Tile shows users their current heart rate. Another important one is the Headlines Tiles which displays latest news headlines at your wrist throughout the day. Other three Tiles are namely Next event, Forecast and Timer which perform respective activities as their name suggests.

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There is no official date announced for the roll out of this feature for all Android smartwatches but it can be predicted that Google can announce this feature in the launching event of Google Pixel 3a and Google Pixel 3a XL which is planned in this month. With the introduction of these six tiles Google will eventually expand them for different features.