Angry Birds Game Now Available For Tizen Phones

The exclusive news for Tizen users is that the famous game title Angry Birds is now available in Tizen Store. The app is very popular on every mobile platforms including iOS and Android. With the launch of Angry Birds game users can now play world’s best casual game on their Tizen phones. Well, it is better works on Samsung Z3 device, we are unsure about first generation Samsung Z1 due to its limited hardware. It is same Rovio title which breaks records on Apple and Android smartphones and tablets.

If you are unknown for this title then it is best casual game which has addictive gameplay and best story line. The pigs made birds angry and now he and his friends wants revenge by hitting pigs. You have limited hits and in these moves you need to hit all pigs. It is click, drag and attack type game, to attack on pigs you must know some kinds of physics, otherwise you will miss your target. It has many levels and missions in gameplay and they becomes more and more harder after the levels. Also it has many types of helping hands in gameshop for few chunks. Before the official Angry Birds movie launch, it is perfect time to enjoy this game on Tizen.


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The app is made by Rovio developers but it is presented by third party developers on Tizen, so to run it on your Tizen phones you first need ACL app pre-installed on your device. The Angry Birds game is now available in Tizen Store and works perfect on both Tizen Phones. If you found this article helpful then don’t forget to share it with your other Tizen friends.