Apple & Aitna Launched New Attain Fitness App

As per the earlier reports we all know that Apple and Aetna, were conducting secrete meetings about introducing the new Apple wearable. Aetna is an American health care company and trying to help to transform the health-related systems through collaborating with other respected companies. CVS Health is the parent company of Aetna and they sell health-oriented insurance plans as per the consumers wants. Attain is the new program designed by Apple and Aetna for wearables to reward smartwatch user’s health related activities and health goals.

Attain is based on 4 points that could help watch users in their fitness goals. First one is, Attain provides you daily special activity goals based on your personal information i.e., age, weight and gender. The task is you have to achieve that given goals in Attain app. Attain app will give you weekly activity goals also which are really very helpful to get enough sleep, improving nutritional values and increasing mindfulness. And last one is recommendations, Attain combines your health history with Apple timepiece’s sensors and Aetna app so that Attain could able to give you the best recommendations regarding your health.

Aetna Apple Watch

These recommendations and suggestions are formed by clinical guidelines and a team of brilliant doctors who have that much knowledge about health care. Attain app will send you notifications like reminder of vaccinations, reminder of go through the prescriptions and ask for the new prescription based on current health conditions.

Attain gives you points and rewards when you achieve given goals and suggestions which you can be used new rewards including earning back an Apple watch and gift cards. There is another option also available to get personalised health guidance, by choosing this option user have to share their health history with Apple then they will share with Aetna to make the best personalised guideline for respected users. Attain website will send notifications of special availability to the all Aetna users so they could sign-up promptly. I think this much information is enough from my side to let you know about Attain, rather than that if you need some more information or want to give some suggestions then just comment in comment box given below.

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