Apple Gain & Samsung Lost in NA Wearable Market Shares

The latest report has shocked the wearable market leader Samsung as because the South Korean giant has lost 48% of its shares in the NA region. On the other hand, Apple has again proved it is a world leader in the wearable market. This year too Cupertino based company has grabbed some more shares. The updated data has published by Canalys and shows the top 5 performers in the North American region. The data is for the 2nd quarter of this year when most of the world is in lockdown, still, some companies have witnessed massive growth over the last period of the same time.

The Garmin & Verizon Wireless are the two major companies along with Apple which has attracted tremendous growth. Samsung & Fitbit are the two major companies that are in the opposite direction. Surprisingly, last year Samsung had seen a good rate of increment in its overall market shares. Apple has shipped 3.2 million Apple Watches, more than what it sold in the same period last year. Samsung has sold 0.4 million units though it has successfully shipped 0.8 million last year.

Wearable Market Shares

The clear winner in the wearable segment is Garmin with 27% growth and the ship increment by 0.2 million. With the launch of solar-powered watches, Vivoactive 4, and Garmin Swim 2 helped the company rise to the upward. The data for the third quarter could be different than the current quarter. In the 3rd quarter, we will see Apple Watch Series 6, Galaxy Watch 3, Fenix 7, Oppo Watch, and Amazfit GTS/GTR 2 watches. Fitbit has also launched Versa 3, Inspire 2, and Fitbit Sense that might help the company.