Apple Glass Features Leaked Would Launch in Q4 2020

For quite a long time, we know Apple is working on new big thing in the technology – Apple Glass. It will be the next big thing for Apple after the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, AirPods & Bluetooth headphones. As per the source, it almost confirmed the future goggles would call as simply Apple Glass. These Goggles are not new to the tech industry. Previously, in 2013 we had a chance to see what smart goggles are capable of when we had Google Glass in the market. Google later closed the project over many issues that never came into light.

Maybe that wasn’t the right time to introduce such a product, but now Apple thinks it is perfect timing to showcase Apple Glass. According to the report, Jon Prosser, which is accurate for its leaks, has shared few details of the Glass. He mentioned the Glass would have plastic design though the company could change it in the final decision. Furthermore, the display information will only be seen by the wearer and not to the other people, which makes sense. It will use the LiDAR scanner to scan the proprietary Apple QR codes.

Customers can charge the Apple Glass with wireless charging technology by flipping it upside down on the charging board. The lenses would not be tinted as it is the first product, and Apple will need more research and data to ditch the sunglasses. It is not all. The leaker has also shared the price of Apple Glass, which has set to $499 in the US. Further, the Apple Watch will first introduce in October event along with iPhone 12 & Apple Watch Series 6 devices.