Apple May Bring Always On Display On Watch Series 4 Smartwatch

The Always on display feature of smartwatches helps users to see time without turning on the display. Apple recently filed a patent to add that feature in its future series. Apple users were always waiting for this technology since first ever Apple Watch. The latest patent gives us the information that Apple didn’t added this function in its smart wearables to manage the issue of OLED burn-in and the battery drain. Now it is hope that this feature would be available in Apple’s upcoming series. The issue of burn-in display can usually happen with OLED displays but it can also be happened with regular displays.

Apple is planning to manage the issue of burn-in display by using the statistics about the OLED and of every pixel’s usage. This is intended to make the device automatically adjustable to the pixels and brightness of problematic area. This way smartwatches will not drain more battery power which is useful for longer usage.

Apple Watch Series 4

The other renowned manufacturers of smart wearables like Samsung has already provided this functionality. The recent Samsung Galaxy Watch has always on display facility with rotating bezel to help users to know the time without turning on display. Now Apple want to go with same technology to fulfil the demands of its users. The upcoming Apple watch series may have the bigger and curvier display for the better performance.

Apple going to release next smartwatch Apple Watch Series 4 on 12th September along with premium iPhone X2, iPhone 9 & 9+ smartphones, where we can see details about some new features, including this one. Now upcoming device will compete with Galaxy Watch and Google Android Wear. The last Apple Watch Series 3 was the major hit due to which Apple regained its top rank in world smartwatch market. Stay with us to know more about next Apple Watch.