Apple Released New iOS 12, WatchOS 5 & tvOS 12 Updates

Apple officially released three new software updates, these new versions are iOS 12, watchOS 5 and tvOS 12. These three updates are related respectively for Apple iPhones and iPads, Apple smartwatches and Apple televisions. The Apple users are all set to get the new versions of software in the upcoming devices and via updates. The first devices to get new versions are iPhone Xs, Xs Max and XR into the smartphone series, Apple Watch Series 4 in the smartwatches and Apple TV products. The new iOS 12 update will be available for all the devices which currently have iOS 11 which means all the devices after iPhone 5S and later with covering all the iPads from the 2013. The main focus of this is the performance improvement of the devices.

With the iOS 12 the devices will be able to 40% faster in launching apps than its predecessors and 70% faster camera with 50% more faster keyboard and with huge optimization capacity. The new iOS 12 also introduced new AR Kit 2 and file format which supports 3D graphics. Other improvements include improved photo search with search suggestion and Siri with latest updated features.

Apple iOS Update

The next update watchOS 5, is related to the smartwatches and it adds more useful and important features to the watches. With this update you can challenge your friends for competition and get rewards and incentives. The central focus of this update includes yoga and hiking which also include outdoor running activity. The watch will be able to automatic workout detection and walkie-talkie will be another new feature available for the users with the update. Latest update is intended to add more advanced features to the watch like smarter Siri, shortcut suggestions for the Siri, interactive notifications, watch faces and podcasts.

The tvOS 12 update is intended for the 4th generation and 4K Apple TV which will bring more live actions to the users. This update will be able to support the Dolby Atoms audio and it is needed atoms enabled soundbar. The Apple will update all the tv programmes purchased on atoms sound.