Apple Releases iOS 13.5 Beta with Improved Face ID & Contact Tracing API

Apple recently released a beta version of the iOS 13.5 with some convenient features helpful in the COVID19 pandemic context. Due to the pandemic, it becomes essential to wear a mask and that is sometimes annoying as Face ID is unable to recognize the user. This beta version takes iPhone users directly to the passcode screen when swiped up from the bottom of the screen. Unlike earlier users don’t have to wait until Face ID kick him there. This improvement enables users to activate Face ID without removing off their masks.

iOS 13.5 comes with SDK and API that enable developers to create a contact tracing system enabled by Google and Apple. If you are opt-in for this feature, with the help of Bluetooth LE it builds the database of people in your contact for the last two weeks. And if one of the people in your contact becomes COVID 19 positive, then it alerts you with the app created from public health organization. This enables you to stay safe and alert amid this Coronavirus pandemic.

iOS 13.5 Beta

You can opt-out instead of opt-in through the contact tracing system in the beta version. It not only alerts you from the people tested positive but also helps to control the spread of the virus. The beta version of iOS 13.5 helps you to stay aware and get tested yourself in case you come in contact with the corona virus-positive person and you can isolate yourself to avoid further spread. Users can opt-out of the program through Settings > Privacy > Health > COVID19 Exposure Tracking and then tap off.

There is no need to install any app from the App Store and Google Play Store as you can just participate through the opt-in option. Along with this beta version of iOS 13.5 also brings some incredible features like changed Group Face Time with an enlarged window of participants. Through tap on a new interface, users can decide who can focus on the group. The final version of the update will be soon available in the next few weeks.