Apple Tops In Smartwatch Market Followed By Xiaomi

According to the report published by International Data Corporation (IDC), Apple maintained its top position in the smartwatches selling companies list. The Apple sold out 4.7 million smartwatches in the second quarter of the 2018 and it was 17% of the global market share. The other four manufacturers in this list according to their sell and respective market share are Xiaomi (4.2), Fitbit (2.7), Huawei (1.8), Garmin (1.5) and then others combinedly sold 13 million. Though Samsung produced renowned Samsung Gear S3 and its recent wearable Galaxy Watch it missed out the list of global top sells.

The continued popularity of smartwatches with their high price tags added to the rise of increasing market of smart wearables. According to the report market of smartwatches grown up by 5.5% over previous year. The high demand of smartwatches is the main driving factor for the Apple to thrive and other leading companies. The two key factors contributing largely for the growth of smart wearables market in recent quarters are higher demands smart wearables and the continuous declining in the basic smartwatches market.

Apple Smartwatch

Though there is decline in the market segment of basic wearables but there is still large portion of customers who prefer to low cost basic wearables. This is the reason why the low-end smart watches with fitness trackers are in demand. The main reason behind the Apple smartwatches dominating the market is that it fulfils the demand of customers for high featured smartwatches. According to the IDC report Apples LTE based devices largely contributed for its growth in last quarters.

Previously the focus of smartwatches was on providing feedback and basic things the latest and upcoming technology is focused more than it and they have advanced healthcare tracking system. Apple is launching Watch Series 4 in the next week which has more updates and technology. It has a better chance with this product to dominate the market for next few quarters also.

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