Apple Unveils New Apple Watch Series 5 Smartwatch

Apple officially launched the next iteration of its smartwatch, the Apple Watch Series 5. It is the successor of last year’s Apple Watch Series 4 and packs the latest design and features. The new series continues all the crucial features of its predecessor version, like ECG monitoring and fall detection, whereas it adds some new features too. The Apple Watch Series 5 powered with Watch OS 6, that brings all the latest upgrades at your wrist. The device has launched in an event alongside the Apple iPhone 11 series.

1. Always on Display

Apple’s masterpiece Apple Watch Series 5 features an always-on retina display, built-in compass and international emergency calling. Watch OS 6 enable users to track their fitness more comprehensively with the addition of new cycle tracking, the noise app and activity trend. This Apple Watch series comes with a bunch of new features and sensors for improved activity tracking. Integration of Apple Watch Series 5 and Watch OS 6 aimed to improve user’s connectivity and activity to deliver a better experience.

2. Better battery life

Apple Watch Series 5

The latest iteration of Apple Watch features an innovative Always-on Retina Display which enables you to stay connected with crucial information. Watch screen designed to preserve battery life, as it intelligently dims when inactive and gets brights with a tap. The Apple Watch Series 5 features the company’s first LTPO-Retina display with a new ambient light sensor and power management integrated circuit. This new system allows Apple Watches to maintain battery life for 18 hours.

3. Compass for navigation

Apple Watch Series 5 comes with navigation tools to provide heading information. The built-in Compass app is useful for users to get information about heading, incline, latitude, longitude and current elevation. There are also compass complications that you can add to watch faces to see the direction.

4. Emergency calling feature across the world

In the Series 4 company introduced an early warning system based on ECG and fall detection. Now for the additional safety, the Apple introduced International Emergency Calling feature in Apple Watch Series 5. This feature helps cellular Apple watch model users to contact emergency services across the world, irrespective of the country where the device is purchased or cellular plan has activated.

5. New Apple Watch Studio

Apple watch Studio offers the great opportunity for customers to match their desired case and band combination to create a entirely customized new look. Further, Series 5 brings new titanium material option for the shell, it is lighter as well as maintain strength and rigidity. It comes in two color variants of natural silver and space black.

6. Comes with a price

Apple Watch Series 5 (GPS) model starts at $399 and Apple Watch Series 5 (GPS+Cellular) model starts at $499. These models are available for pre-order from Apple’s website and will be available in stores starting from 20th September. All these watches will runs on Apple’s latest Watch OS 6 which is coming on 19th September.