Apple Watch 6 To Come with Blood Oxygen & Mental Health Tracking

Apple will launch the next iPhone SE 2 or iPhone 9 model this month for the mid-range users. It would be the cheaper version of the new iPhone, but it is not the hot product of 2020. Later, we will see iPhone 12 series & Apple Watch Series 6 devices. Now to move ahead, there is more information leaked about Watch Series 6 that makes it a more advanced smartwatch than Series 5. As per the news source, the watch will finally unveil the much-awaited blood oxygen saturation feature.

Back in 2015, Apple advertised blood oxygen level tracking for its watches but never launched it for the users. Now it looks like the Apple users will get the feature from next Apple Watch. Mental health tracking is another function that we would see on Series 6. With the new technology, it will detect the increasing anxiety of the users and help them accordingly. In the mental health tracking, the watch will tell about the user’s increased stress level and monitors behavior in the panic attack.

Apple Watch Series 6

The next Apple Watch Series 6 will get the Underwater mode that applied for iPhones in the new patent. The previous information has already baited on the TouchID feature, sleep tracking, kis mode, new ceramic-rich composite material, and the lower price or the same price as the current Series 5 smartwatch. Apple would launch Apple Watch 6 in September that runs on WatchOS 7 along with its next-generation iPhone 12 smartphones.