Apple Watch Completed 100 Million Users

Since the entry in 2015, Apple Watch has finally reached a 100 million sales point. It took Apple 6 years to reach this milestone to sell Apple Watches in the market. The remarkable thing is there is not a single fitness tracker sold by Apple. Even more interesting part is, Apple Watches are always expensive in all the countries. Now, coming to the numbers, almost 10% of active iPhone users are currently using smartwatches. In that, 35% of US users are on the top to use wearables.

Last year, Apple has sold more watches compared to the previous three years combined. In 2020, the company achieved 30 million marks, and in a pandemic, most users have turned to it. Apple always has taken care of its users by launching essential features. It was the first company to introduce rectangular display, ECG, fall detection, VO2 max, and many more functions. In the future too, it will launch many features to the Apple Watch Series 7 & upcoming watches.

Apple Watch 100 Million Sales

The data further says Apple Watch stays in fourth place in selling point. In the sales number, it comes after iPhone, iPad, and Mac products. Apple could achieve better numbers when more users in the other countries will buy it. Samsung & Huawei are the two major rival to the Cupertino based company. Still, both the companies are far behind to get this milestone. What do you think, Samsung’s or Huawei’s upcoming watches will help them to reach this milestone.