Apple Watch May Soon Get Touch ID Display

Apple always introduces something new to Apple Watches. In the Apple Watch Series 5, we have seen many notable changes over the previous models. The new Noise, Sleep & Cycle apps and separate App Store for the Watch users are the main changes that the company brought to users. Now we are moving to the next Apple Watch, Apple Watch Series 6. We got the information from the sources claims that the next watch will have Touch ID display, which makes it the first smartwatch from Apple to have that feature.

The source Patently Apple has discovered a new patent from the iPhone maker filed a patent last year and now US Patent & Trademark Office has published it. It says the US Patent & Trademark Office announced yet another patent application from Apple that covers moving the internal watch antennas to a future Apple Watch band and adding Touch ID to the display. Patently Apple has recently published many Apple-related patents so we can trust on trust on this one.

Apple Watch Display

The titled “Antenna Assemblies For Watch Bands,” the patent is about the technology that allows antennas to be embedded inside the watch band. The figure shows a band that includes stretchable communication antennas maintains the comfort of the user that could be able to stretch, bend and flex in certain conditions. This shift in the band makes a room for Touch ID on the display to create an extra layer of security. Apple might launch the next Apple Watch Series 6 in the third quarter of 2020 so we have lots of time until Apple makes it official.