Apple Watch Series 3 Now Available For $230 At Walmart

The big discount has come to third generation Apple Watch Series 3 smartwatch from the US retail giant Walmart has reduced its price to $230. At the time of Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, this smartwatch was at its lowest price and now there is another chance to grab that deal. After the release of new Apple Watch Series 4 price of previous model Apple Watch Series 3 has decreased dramatically. But it never come down to $250 and there were only $50 discounts most of the time.

In the Walmart store you can buy it at the affordable price and we know that it is the best price, because we rarely see any big discount on Apple products. Apple Watch Series 3 is most selling and most advanced smartwatch in the market. Even after the launch of next generation wearable it is the best watch from the Apple. Sure, it lacks in some new features which added on Series 4 like ECG functionality, but still for the many users it is the best smartwatch to buy.

Apple Watch Series 3

Most customers want it for value to their money and the still it beats many smartwatches in the market. This smartwatch not available in the stock at the Walmart but if you order it now then you will get it till the Christmas.

The giant retailer claims new stock of the Series 3 watch will come on December 16. The customers who has ordered it will get it by the December 22. At this moment it is the best deal on any Apple product and don’t miss it if you are willing to buy new Apple Watch. To buy Apple Watch Series 3 head to the Walmart store in the US.

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