Apple Watch Series 3 Repairs Get Series 4 as Replacements

There is an exciting news for the customers whose Apple Watch Series 3 is broken or about to repair. Apple offered latest Apple Watch Series 4 instead of repair to it’s predecessor model due to inventory shortage issue. This news is confirmed according to the Apple’s internal memo delivered to its staff and all authorized service providers. The memo is beneficial for the customers whose Series 3 watch is in need of repair and they might qualify for the upgraded and latest generation of Apple Watch.

The substitute scheme has been primarily offered by Apple because it is running low on inventory of old version devices. Obviously, this is not the first time Apple offered newer and latest devices to customers instead of repair to the predecessor models. We have seen this in January, Apple resorted to offer Series 2 models as replacement for its original first generation Apple Watch. At that time also the reason was same that the company was running low on inventory stock of the older models.

Apple Watch Series 4

Apple doesn’t provide any indication about whether this substitute to upgraded version will be temporary option. In details, according to the Apple’s latest memo, the customers who are looking for the repair of their Apple Watch Series 3 GPS+Cellular model will be qualified for the Apple Watch Series 4 GPS+Cellular model due to shortage of stock of the former model. If you have an eligible model, you can get it replaced with the newer version from Apple retail stores and authorized service providers.

As we know that Apple Watch Series 4 has many advanced features and packed with latest technology compared to its previous versions. It accompanies a bigger enough display with latest software version WatchOS 5. It is redesigned innovatively to match your needs and enable you to stay healthy and connected. Series 4 has been optimized for better performance and accommodates several advanced features such as ECG sensor for heart rate monitoring, automatic fall detection technology and haptic feedback system. It’s designed to improve your health monitoring and workout experience, thanks to its comprehensive activity tracker feature.

Source: 9to5mac