Apple Watch Series 4 Launched in India For Rs. 40900

The Apple Watch Series 4 released in September and it is now available for pre-order in India. This watch is based on the Apple’s latest Watch OS 5 that brings many improvements and updates to the series. Indian customers can now order this premium watch through Flipkart and authorized Apple resellers and shipments can be expected from the 19th October.

Latest Apple Watch has many advanced features that are unique to this series and the most important is the latest Operating System. This edition observes many changes over its predecessor versions as the watch is redesigned and it is more stylish. Compared to Apple watch Series 3 it has 30% bigger display as this watch is available in two size variants of 40mm and 44mm. Display is now bigger and smarter with improved functions. The remarking change in this series is the latest Apple S4 Dual-core processor as it is twice faster than its previous edition. This watch also has the digital crown.

Apple Watch Series 4

The functions of the watch are improved with the help of Artificial Intelligence. It contains advanced gyroscope sensor and accelerometer with high accuracy rate. Gyroscope sensor helps in emergency situations by tracking all the motions inside the watch. Overhauled Siri is capable to automatically call the emergency services in critical situations. The electrical heart sensor in the watch has the improved heart tracking capabilities and monitors your heart and alert about potential health issues.

Though the Apple Watch Series 4 has many advanced features and bigger display size, Apple promised effective battery life like its previous versions. More advanced tracking features of the watch make it the better choice with health consciousness. As this smartwatch is available for pre-orders with starting price for Rs.40900.