Apple Watch Series 7 may Get Blood Glucose & Blood Temperature Features

The second half of this year will be busy for a wearable market. Samsung & Apple will launch their perspective flagship smartwatches with the highly appreciated features. The next-generation Apple Watch Series 7 & Apple Watch SE 2 could launch in September. Now, we have received some leaks regarding upcoming watches. As per the NDTV India, Apple Watch Series 7 will get Blood Glucose, Blood Pressure & Blood Temperature functions on the board. These are essential features for diabetic users to check their health.

In the pandemic, more users are now active about their health, and they check their health regularly. In the previous Apple Watch Series 6, the company has introduced SpO2 sensor to check blood oxygen in the body. This time, it will add two more essential functions. The blood glucose function will tell diabetic users about the glucose level in their body. And with the body temperature, as a name said, it will measure your current body temperature. These functions will be part of Series 7 smartwatch and will not available on Apple Watch SE 2.

Apple Watch Series 7 Features

The compromised watch – Apple Watch SE 2 may this time receive SpO2 & ECG functions. Previous generation model has missed these premium features, but the upcoming affordable watch could get the functions. Apple is creating Series 7 watch with the thinner display borders, faster processor, better battery life, updated screen, and powerful sports edition. Every year, Apple launches their wearables in September, and this year will not change. Lastly, the prices could be higher for these watches compared to the last year’s models.

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