Apple Watch Series 7 to Get Blood Pressure Monitoring

The Apple Watch is taking another step to give you better health with its Apple Watch Series 7. The apple watch comes with a load of features like a monitor for your ECG level and blood oxygen level sensor with an always-on retina display available on Apple Watch Series 6. Now the company will be taking it a step further by adding blood-pressure monitoring to its future watches. The company has been granted two patents last week, and recently also acquired a major patent suggesting that the blood pressure measurements will be quite precise.

One of the patents suggested that the watch will be having more than one sensor for monitoring and is a compact, convenient, and accurate wearable blood pressure measurement device. The is elegant and less bulky providing frequent and precise readings of your mean arterial pressure or blood pressure. It will be very convenient for the users as having to check your blood pressure at hospitals are a task now and might make the person super alarmed giving a not truly accurate reading as it will be a one-off reading.

Apple Watch Blood Pressure Function

Having an Apple Watch Series 7 smartwatch to simply check your blood pressure regularly by doing nothing but wearing it on your wrist. The patent also states that the watch might have multiple bands and it will also have pressure sensors that will measure a pressure signal for measurements. To check the blood pressure value targeting the main artery the company might use an ultrasound transducer with its new processor.

You can see this feature on Samsung’s Galaxy Watch Active 2 & Watch 3 smartwatches. You can easily measure the blood pressure levels at your comfort level and even feature correction details for better results. Though we aren’t sure if the patents will make it to final hardware but it’s surely something the company is closely working on.