Apple Watch Sold More Units Than Swiss Watch Industry

Apple Watch is dominating in wearable market and it has reserved the first spot in many countries. Now the new data come in the light reveals how Apple Watch has become the first choice of the customers. Apple Watch Series 3, Series 4 & Series 5 has contributed to the success story of the company. Even the 2017’s Series 3 smartwatch has received massive success in the market. The report published by Strategy Analytics has disclosed the data and shared some impressive numbers.

The report says in the first fiscal year of 2020 has witnessed the growth of the Apple Watch industry. In the quarter, Apple has sold 31 million watch units and the entire Swiss watch industry has sold 21 million watches in the same period. The data shows how Apple has grabbed the wearable market and the customers love the premium watches. The company never shares the revenue comes from smartwatches so we don’t know the exact number that Apple made from the smartwatches.

Apple Watch Market

The Swiss industry contains Rolex, Swash and some other popular brands that failed to sell the proper numbers. Apple, on the other hand, has broken its record of 2018 and increased sales by 36% in 2019. The upcoming Apple Watch Series 6 will come with TouchID & fingerprint sensor and it will make its own record.