Apple’s Patent Reveals Smart Ring to Control Other Devices

Apple cleared its second patent which shows its great commitment to enter the world of smart rings. Apple emerged with this idea and granted the first patent in October 2019. Since then Apple is dedicatedly working to improve the mechanism. The first patent revealed information about a smart jewel aimed at control features and input tech. The latest patent comprehensively covers various aspects of the smart ring and reveals detailed information enough to get introduced with upcoming smart wearable.

To get the comprehensive coverage of theses aspects we will have a thorough look at Apple’s Patent No. 10,627,902. It talks about new features that offer extended control mechanism for users. The patent predicts a smart ring as the control mechanism which contains improved control methods to control your electronic devices. Further, this will make it a handy device for users to take complete control of their digital world. Apple describes that smart ring will give faster, more efficient methods and interface for controlling external electronic devices.

The latest patent reveals that the smart ring will come with a touch-sensitive panel to enable enhanced control over external devices like iPhone, Apple TV and Macbook. It will work by moving a thumb across the surface of a smart ring. The patent also mentions about the haptic feedback mechanism through the device. Voice input function in the ring helps users to easily integrate the device with Siri. Both these features are an important part of Apple’s smartwatches.

Also, the patent clearly mentions the touchscreen for the smart ring. Apple smart ring will work when paired with other devices instead of a standalone device. Though the patent talks about various innovative features to be incorporated in the smart rings, it is important to remember that Apple’s several ideas come to life in different ways. Already, Amazon entered into this segment and now we expect Apple to be another major player to enter the segment with various innovative features and ideas.